About Laser Dentistry

Oral health is important to maintain overall body health. It is critical that oral issues be recognized and addressed as quickly as possible. Dr. Lawrence Duffy and Dr. Kyle Duffy provide quality laser dentistry in Orlando, FL. Learn more about the process and its benefits.

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Special Needs Dentistry 101

Parents will readily attest to the fact that taking their kids to the dentist in Orlando, FL is an adventure in-and-of itself. Yet as the parent of a special needs child, your challenge may be even greater. The specialized care that your son or daughter requires typically cannot be accommodated in just any dental office. Finding a dental care provider that’s uniquely qualified to treat special needs patients may seem like a tall order. However, it does not have to be, provided you know what resources are available in your local area to assist with your search.

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What is a Composite Filling?

When it comes to dental fillings, knowing your terms is an important part of understanding the treatment options you have. Since there are many different types of filling options, make sure to talk to your dentist and determine the right filling style and material for you and your teeth.

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How Poor Oral Health Contributes to Systemic Diseases

Breast Awareness Month has come again. Doctors Lawrence and Kyle Duffy are committed to educating Orlando area residents about the ill effects of gum disease on systemic health. If you have gum disease, then there is a good chance there are some issues with your oral health that have been overlooked.

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Calming Dental Anxieties

Anxiety regarding an upcoming appointment with your dentist or worry about the prospect of receiving a particular dental treatment is a common experience. Some patients require a little extra help relaxing during their appointment. Dr. Larry Duffy and the rest of our care team want to make obtaining the care you need as comfortable an experience as possible. This is why Dr. Duffy offers sedation dentistry to Orlando, FL patients who experience stress or anxiety during their care appointments.

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